a fine luxurious silk fabric

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Velvet fabric

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  • What is silk?

  • THE STORY OF SILK The history of the world鈥檚 most luxurious fabric, from ancient China to the present day Silk is a fine, smooth material produced from the cocoons – soft protective shells – that are made by mulberry silkworms (insect larvae).

  • What is a luxury fabric?

  • Even fabrics have luxury genres and there are textiles that define quality, superiority and class. If you are a fabric expert, you can tell a luxury fabric by feeling its weight, texture, and density of the weave.

  • What is pure silk fabric?

  • This silk fabric is said to be even finer than all other silks and keeps you warm This is silk fabric which is made with silk fibers which have been cleaned off the gum but to which no additives are added to compensate for the weight lost in boiling and cleaning the fibers. It is the purest and finest of silk

  • What is the most luxurious velvet fabric?

  • Velvet fabric is the epitome of luxurious fabrics with the top grade being silk velvet, a fabric type popularly used by royalty. Silk velvet is made from silk and is expensive and rare. Velvet fabric can also be made from other fibres as well, including cotton and man-made fibres like polyester and rayon.

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