are infinities luxury cars

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  • Is Infiniti a luxury car?

  • The Infiniti is considered a luxury car, coming from the same makers as the Nissan. That being said, they have a lot of fierce competition, especially when put up against long-running luxury brands.

  • Is Infiniti losing its identity as a luxury division?

  • Infiniti has lost its identity as a performance-luxury division. And that’s not just me trying to make Infiniti a company like Lexus, but what Infiniti actually labels themselves as. And Infiniti doesn’t seem to have the need for speed. Yes cars like the IPL existed, but that was really just an exterior package.

  • How reliable are Infiniti cars?

  • In comparison to competitors, like BMW Audi, and Mercedes, Infiniti cars are constantly regarded as more reliable and are stronger than most European luxury brands. However, Infiniti is decidedly lower in terms of reliability than brands such as Acura and Lexus. A group of friends enjoying the ride with an Infiniti car.

  • Why are Infiniti鈥檚 so expensive?

  • An Infiniti certified mechanics doing works on the car鈥檚 engine. Luxury vehicles, like Infiniti cars, are more expensive than mainstream cars due to their insurance costs, maintenance costs, and higher initial purchase price. All necessary costs of ownership are taken into account, including repair costs, fuel economy, and depreciation.

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