are infinities luxury cars

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  • Is Infiniti a luxury brand?

  • The Infiniti brand is the luxury arm of the Japanese automaker, Nissan. Many of the cars are closely related, but Infiniti tends to come with more luxuries included. Are Infinitis good cars and can they be considered reliable?

  • Are Infiniti cars good cars?

  • Overall, Infiniti cars can be regarded as a 鈥済ood car鈥? with better than average reliability compared to other similar sophisticated vehicles of luxurious build and design. The advanced, complex technology and features in an Infiniti vehicle can naturally lead to more risk of breakdown and higher repair costs.

  • Why are Infiniti鈥檚 so expensive?

  • An Infiniti certified mechanics doing works on the car鈥檚 engine. Luxury vehicles, like Infiniti cars, are more expensive than mainstream cars due to their insurance costs, maintenance costs, and higher initial purchase price. All necessary costs of ownership are taken into account, including repair costs, fuel economy, and depreciation.

  • How long do Infiniti Cars last?

  • Certain models of Infiniti vehicles, such as the Infiniti Q50, are recognized to be reliable and durable cars, lasting anywhere between 250,000 and 300,000 miles, dependent of course upon care and a high level of maintenance.

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