are luxury cars worth it

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  • Why should you buy a luxury car?

  • Ultimately, the reason to own a luxury car is because of the way it makes you feel. You鈥檙e driving quality. In fact, the very best money can buy. But it鈥檚 more than that.

  • Do luxury cars depreciate more or less?

  • In fact, luxury cars depreciate less than those that are a bit more budget friendly. However, because you鈥檙e shelling out so much more for a luxury vehicle, that depreciation takes a larger bite out of the value. For instance, if you pay $80,000 for a car, and it depreciates by 50%, then you鈥檙e losing $40,000.

  • Do luxury cars need maintenance?

  • All luxury vehicles need regular maintenance and will eventually need some sort of repair work done. Most things, like oil changes, should be no problem although you might have to provide your own oil filter if you鈥檙e not having it done at the dealership.

  • Are Mercedes Benz cars worth the money?

  • It might be surprising for you to find a Mercedes Benz launch in this list, but this one from them is neither a great car to drive, nor be driven in. Though it is one of the most affordable luxury cars from Mercedes, it’s just not worth the money.

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