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  • Does status make a luxury car worth the money?

  • Raw performance and safety aside, the intangible value of status does add to the worth of a luxury vehicle. Researchers at Consumer Reports may not put any stock in brand names, but anyone concerned with keeping up with the Joneses does.

  • What are the benefits of buying luxury cars?

  • Luxury cars also benefit because the brands excel when it comes to safety–and have enough credibility for consumers to splurge on new innovations. Electronic stability control, blind-spot warning systems and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) all found their way into the general car market after their introduction in luxury vehicles.

  • Will luxury cars rebound?

  • O’Donnell says luxury brands will rebound quicker than the rest, however, thanks to financially healthier dealerships, better leasing and certified pre-owned programs and loyal customers. In some respects, he’s already being proved right: Jaguar posted a surprising 17. 6% sales gain last January from the same period a year earlier.

  • Is this the first time America’s luxury segment has suffer a recession?

  • It’s the first time a downturn has so deeply affected America’s luxury segment, says BMW North America President Jim O’Donnell. This is the first time, I would say, since 1931 there was such a recession, because there were always areas of the country that [kept luxury cars] popular, O’Donnell says.

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