are luxury watch prices dropping

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  • Is buying a luxury watch worth it?

  • Although the purchase of some watches can be akin to throwing money away, many luxury timepieces are able to retain a great deal of their value, and in some instances, even appreciate over the years.

  • What watches are going for Crazy Prices now?

  • You can see a number of watches that were going for crazy prices but are now dropping back towards normal retail. One of those is the 5524G, the blue [Calatrava] Travel Time Pilot from Patek Philippe. When that watch first came out, it was selling for 鈧?5,000 on the secondary market.

  • Why has the price of Rolex watches been rising?

  • Speaking ahead of this week鈥檚 new watch launches from Rolex, but already well-informed about the watches likely to be unveiled, Mr Manjos said that prices across the Rolex portfolio had been rising as retailers reopened and global shortages of unicorn watches persisted and, in some cases, worsened.

  • What will happen to wristwatch prices in 2022?

  • First, given the aforementioned, it really is no surprise that wristwatch retail prices across the board will increase in 2022. Second, we are going with Rolex as an example because, in many ways, it dictates the actions, mood, and strategy of the greater watch industry 鈥?even by the admission of other major luxury watch manufacturers.

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