are volkswagens luxury cars

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Volkswagen maintains a good reputation forsporty,low-end luxury cars that are affordable to the general consumer. But,for some reason years ago,the team at Volkswagen decided to stand out and produce a surprising addition to their lineup,a limousine sedan.

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  • Is Volkswagen a good car brand?

  • Over the years, Volkswagen has built a brand that is renowned for its impressive, stylish, and robust mass-produced cars. Volkswagen is credited as one of the very first car companies to build a car that was tailor-made for everyone.

  • Did you know that Volkswagen Group owns many other car brands?

  • You do probably know that Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet. But one thing you maybe didn鈥檛 know is that Volkswagen Group actually owns many other car brands than Volkswagen.

  • Which is better Audi or Volkswagen?

  • While Audi is a leader in terms of performance, small car, midsize car, and compact car rankings, Volkswagen is a winner in the fields of warranty and price. And when it comes to reliability, they are equal. Both Audi and VW received scores of three, meaning that they provide average reliability.

  • Are Volkswagens expensive to maintain?

  • Volkswagens cost more to maintain than other vehicles in their category. What鈥檚 the deal here? The average driver spends about $675 per year on VW maintenance, which is higher than many other manufacturers. Standard maintenance items are quite similar across different car brands.

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