do luxury cars need premium gas

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  • Do luxury cars use regular gas?

  • The truth is that there are many, if not most luxury cars that use regular gas. If your vehicle does not need premium gas to run smoothly, then you create an additional expense that will have no value, and you will ultimately waste money. This does not mean that some luxury cars don’t require premium gas.

  • Which cars require premium gas?

  • Luxury cars like some BMWs and Jaguars, or highly tuned engines like in the Camaro ZL1 or Corvette Z06 are more likely to require premium gas. Again, Edmunds compiled a list of recent cars that require premium gas for you. These engines have the highest risk of knocking.

  • Is premium fuel better for your car?

  • It isn’t somehow more pure and it doesn’t go through a superior refining process. It doesn’t even keep your engine cleaner, as some people seem to believe. Premium fuel is just gas that contains a mixture of hydrocarbons that are slightly less combustible than those found in lower octane gas.

  • What happens if you put cheaper fuel in a luxury car?

  • Lower-octane fuels could cause knocking in your luxury car鈥檚 engine. Long-term damage won鈥檛 occur with a couple of instances of putting in cheaper fuel, but if you continually use gas that your car shouldn鈥檛 take, you鈥檒l wear out the motor quickly.

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