does luxury vinyl plank decrease home value

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  • Is luxury vinyl plank flooring cost effective?

  • And to make the deal even sweeter, luxury vinyl plank is cost effective! One of the biggest reasons people might choose laminate over hardwood is that it is cheaper. Thankfully, vinyl flooring comes in around the same cost.

  • Does vinyl flooring add value to a home?

  • While it鈥檚 hard to say exactly what flooring (other than hardwood) will add the most value to a home, it鈥檚 clear that buyers prefer hard surfaces over carpeting. So, if you鈥檙e in the market for a budget-friendly carpet replacement, vinyl is a great choice.

  • Does LVT flooring add value to a house?

  • For example, a home with stone counter tops and high quality wood cabinets may lend themselves to real wood flooring. If you put an LVT into that setting you could bring the value of the home down. Best option is to match your neighborhood, and home value.

  • Is synthetic flooring a good choice for luxury homes?

  • Synthetic home applications are getting better all the time, and flooring is no exception. According to a 2017 Annual Report from Floor Daily, roughly every category of flooring ceded percentages of buyers to luxury vinyl.

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