does luxury vinyl plank flooring need to acclimate

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48 hours

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  • Do vinyl plank floors need to acclimate?

  • When you are acclimating your floor it is best to have the vinyl exposed to the exact setting it will be living in. Modern day luxury vinyl plank is engineered to provide longer lasting performance even under rough circumstances but they still require specific acclimation specifications.

  • Does vinyl flooring expand or contract in hot weather?

  • When Vinyl is not given the chance to acclimate it will expand or it will contract. If the vinyl comes from a very hot environment and is placed into a much cooler environment contraction will take place. This will cause the floor to start to pull apart, creating gaps between your planks.

  • What is the best temperature for luxury vinyl plank flooring?

  • Even the most high-performance, luxury vinyl planking still requires specific conditions for proper acclimation. The floor temperatures should be somewhere between 59- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Watch your humidity levels using a barometer.

  • How long does it take for vinyl flooring to acclimate?

  • Luxury vinyl floors must be given 48 hours to acclimate in their new environment. It will be worth while to make sure you have the flooring shipped to your home 2 days before installation.

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