how do luxury brands make money

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  • Why do people buy luxury brands?

  • Fortunately for luxury brands, the Internet has made them easily accessible for impulse shopping. A sense of accomplishment is another reason why some people buy luxury goods. They want to reward themselves for their hard work by treating themselves to something they typically could not afford.

  • How has the luxury industry evolved in 2019?

  • Luxury brands鈥?direct online sales now account for 40% of the online segment, compared to 30% in 2019, driven by improvements in ecommerce, exclusive collections, and more marketing budget allocated to the category. The online channel growth also shows how important the younger customer demographic has become for the global luxury industry.

  • How much is a customer worth in the luxury industry?

  • In the luxury industry, a single customer can be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over their lifetime. But false declines spoil the flawless, white glove treatment affluent consumers expect.

  • Are global luxury brands too dependent on China to generate sales?

  • Add to the political changes the growing desire by Chinese consumers to buy from local brands and you have a challenging scenario for global luxury brands that rely too heavily on China to generate sales.

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