how do you install luxury vinyl plank

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When it comes to luxury vinyl plank flooring, there are two main installation choices:glue down or floating floor installation. The glue down method uses an adhesive, such as the Bona R540, to stick the vinyl pieces to the subfloor.

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  • How easy is it to install luxury vinyl plank flooring?

  • Installing luxury vinyl plank flooring is super quick and simple. Honestly it is! You can install it over practically any flooring. You can put it on top of subfloor, outdated sheet vinyl, tile, and even concrete. Our floors were uneven, so we prepped the floors with plywood subfloors and this is completely optional.

  • How do you connect Lee Wallender vinyl flooring?

  • Connect the Flooring Planks Lee Wallender. Most luxury vinyl planks attach side-to-side and end-to-end with a fold-and-lock type of tongue and groove system. One plank lies flat on the subfloor, while the other plank is held at an angle and placed into the first board’s receiving groove.

  • What tools do you need to install luxury vinyl flooring?

  • Putty knife. Safety glasses. Sanding block. Square. Straightedge. Tape measure. Utility knife. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) is similar to sheet vinyl, but it鈥檚 thicker, more durable and easier to install. It comes in tiles and planks, but this article covers planks only, and uses a product called Adura LockSolid.

  • How do you lay a plank floor on a wall?

  • Lay your first plank down as close to the wall. Leave about a 1/4 inch or so space between the base of the wall and the LVP as it will expand and contract with big temperature changes. Don鈥檛 worry, you won鈥檛 feel it expand or contract at all. Use one of the planks placed upward on the wall to create that gap very quickly.

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