how do you lay luxury vinyl plank flooring

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Snap the PlanksTogether Snap the planksin the first row together end to end. Slide the tongue of the first plank on the second row into the groove of the first row at a low angle and layit on the floor.

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  • How do you attach vinyl flooring to a wall?

  • Score and cut the tongue off the first row of vinyl planks using a utility knife. Set the first plank in place on the starting line with the cut side toward the wall, maintaining the expansion gap. Hold the next plank at a slight angle against the previous plank’s end and fold down to click it into place.

  • How to install luxury vinyl plank flooring?

  • How to Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Sand Down the High Spots. Find the high and low spots on wood subfloors with a straightedge. Note: The floor height… Fill in the Low Spots. Fill the low spots with floor patch, and feather it out with a trowel. Pro tip: Avoid… Undercut Doorjambs. Trim …

  • What direction should vinyl plank flooring run on steps?

  • If you do, that will determine the direction for the rest of the floor too. If you鈥檙e using vinyl plank flooring on steps, you鈥檒l need to run the planks horizontally. You鈥檒l want to run the planks in the same direction along the floor next to them to create a seamless look.

  • What is the best way to layout a floor plan?

  • Visually, the flooring layout will be most pleasing if cut planks are of roughly equal lengths at the opposite side walls. Start with a full plank at the center of the wall, and work to either side, so that cut planks at the ends will be of equal length.

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