how long to install luxury vinyl plank flooring

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1-2 days

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  • How to install luxury vinyl plank flooring?

  • How to Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Sand Down the High Spots. Find the high and low spots on wood subfloors with a straightedge. Note: The floor height… Fill in the Low Spots. Fill the low spots with floor patch, and feather it out with a trowel. Pro tip: Avoid… Undercut Doorjambs. Trim …

  • How long does it take for luxury vinyl tile to dry?

  • This might take a few days, so avoid mopping or cleaning within that time period. As with all flooring, luxury vinyl tile must be cleaned and maintained using appropriate products. Consult the flooring manufacturer鈥檚 instructions for details.

  • What is the length of vinyl plank flooring?

  • Length: Boards typically are 48 or 36 inches long. It is rare to find boards that vary from this standard. As a note of comparison, authentic wood plank flooring ranges in lengths from 8 feet to 12 feet. Width: Plank vinyl flooring widths will vary considerably.

  • How long should I let my flooring sit before installing it?

  • Your flooring needs to be installed at a specific temperature (65-85 degrees F) and it should sit in the room that it will be installed in for some time to acclimate to the room temperature. SIDE NOTE: I allowed my vinyl planks to sit for 48 hours in the room before installing.

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