how much is a luxury private jet

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  • How much does it cost to own a private jet?

  • The private jets original price was $238 million; however, with all the interior decoration, luxury furnishings and technology on board, it鈥檚 estimated that the final cost is somewhere in the region of $350 to $500 million. 4. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ 鈥?$403 Million

  • What is the most expensive private jet in 2021?

  • The Air Force One is the most expensive private jet in 2021, coming in at a cost of around $660 million. It鈥檚 closely followed by the Airbus A380 at $600 million. Who owns the nicest private jet?

  • Why charter jet one for your private jet purchase?

  • With the world鈥檚 most elite fleet of new luxury private jets for sale, Charter Jet One has the right aircraft for you. When you are looking to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, our team will conduct a global aircraft search on your behalf.

  • What are the most famous private jets in the world?

  • This Boeing 757 is probably one of the most famous private jets in the world. It鈥檚 owned by America鈥檚 current president, Donald Trump, which he made obvious by branding his name on the exterior of the plane. The jet can carry up to 43 passengers and has one hell of a luxury interior.

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