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  • How much does a luxury bus cost?

  • This on-road beauty is priced $464,000 and is designed elegantly with a master suite and walk-in closet. It is one of the most spacious luxury buses having several elements to boast opulence. The Cornerstone 45DLQ has quartz countertops and also has a well sound system.

  • Why buy a luxury coach bus from National Bus sales?

  • We offer a premium selection of quality luxury coach buses for sale. THE ULTRA COACHLINER, from National Bus Sales, has the smooth ride, capacity and luggage space of a high-end traditional coach bus with only HALF THE OPERATING COST to own and operate.

  • Why choose the most luxurious buses in the world 2021?

  • One should see this list of expensive and most luxurious buses in the world in 2021 because every single person in the world cannot but like traveling. In the statistics; about 60% of world trips can be taken by bus. And to make this journey more comfortable and to create an indelible memory the bus manufacturers design these luxurious coaches.

  • What is the most expensive bus in the world?

  • Most Expensive Bus in the World: Superbus 鈥?Exterior. Price: $18 millions USD. Uniqueness: Super light and durable fibre are used in building this bus which are also the missiles construction materials. Speed: 250 km per hour. Capacity: 23 seats. Most Expensive Bus in the world: Superbus 鈥?Interior.

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