how much to tip concierge at luxury hotel

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Between $20 and $50

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  • How much should you tip a concierge?

  • For simple requests like directions or restaurant recommendations, no tipping is required. However, if the concierge arranges show tickets or books reservations for you, you should tip between $2-5. If they go above and beyond, such as securing front row seats or hard-to-get reservations, you might consider tipping between $10-20.

  • How much does a concierge at a luxury hotel cost?

  • A concierge at a luxury hotel offers luxury services, but you don’t have to blow your budget with a tip. The hotel quoted you $300 for a night’s stay, but the final cost ends up closer to $400.

  • How much should you tip for shuttle to and from hotel?

  • Shuttle service to and from the hotel should run you between $1 to $2 per person in tips or $4 to $5 per party, according to the American Hotel Lodging Association. Osten recommends spending between $5 and $15, and if it’s two people $10 to $20.

  • Do you tip when staying at a luxury hotel?

  • If you stay at a luxury hotel, a valet or bellman may help transport your bags for you, in which case you’ll want to tip them (think $5 or more, especially if you have multiple bags).

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