how to cut luxury vinyl plank flooring

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A simple,sharp cutter knife, a pen, and a cutting rail or angleare enough to cut a vinyl floor from the vinyl sheet. To do this, simply mark the cut edge with a pen and cut the surface of the vinyl floor with the cutter. The rail ensures that both the marking and the cut are straight and at the correct angle.

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  • How to cut vinyl plank flooring without damaging it?

  • Use the tape measure to mark the board for the cut. Always use the backside of the vinyl plank flooring to keep pencil marks and the potential for damage to a minimum. This also helps protect the wear layer from damage with miter or table saws. Take the speed square to mark the cut line across the back of the board.

  • Can luxury vinyl flooring be cut in half?

  • Cutting luxury vinyl actually involves more breaking than cutting: You use the utility knife to score the hard wear layer on the top surface of the flooring, then you simply bend back the material at the scored line to break it in half. It’s that easy.

  • How do you stagger vinyl plank flooring?

  • They are made on planks as you complete a row and as you cut planks to stagger vinyl plank flooring. Step 1. Measure and mark the plank on the waste side of the cut line.

  • What is a rip cut in vinyl plank flooring?

  • Rips cuts are cuts that make a plank narrower and are made parallel to its length. Luxury vinyl planks are typically about 4 feet long, so you can’t use a square to guide your knife. Instead, you need some other type of straightedge.

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