how to get luxury home listings

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The surest way to get more luxury listings in real estate is tomake sure that people living in expensive homes know that you sell luxury real estate. Over time, your efforts will pay off in the form of new listings and more money in your pocket.

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  • Is it hard to get listings as a luxury real estate agent?

  • Don鈥檛 sweat it. Some of the most successful luxury real estate agents in the country struggled just as hard. Learning their secrets to getting listings can be a game-changer for your career.

  • What do you need to know when buying luxury property?

  • Know your buyer There are as many different kinds of luxury buyers as there are luxury properties! Some are hoity-toity, snobby types and some are down home ranchers who want to buy big plots of land. You need to know the luxury market in your area!

  • How do I get luxury listing leads?

  • The first thing you can do is to join a team that specializes in luxury listings. This is a great opportunity if you are a newer agent as you will get luxury leads AND have agents around you who know more about real estate sales than you do! BUT, you don’t have to join a team to get access to luxury listings!

  • What does 鈥渓uxury鈥?mean in real estate?

  • Now, 鈥渓uxury鈥?in this post means higher priced listings so in some places like California it could mean multi-millions and in Clearwater, FL it could mean high $900,000 to a million. Back where I grew up in Pennsylvania luxury could mean mid-$500’s. You know your market and what luxury means in your area.

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