how to grout stainmaster luxury vinyl tile

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  • What is Stainmaster luxury vinyl flooring?

  • Stainmaster luxury vinyl is a type of PVC flooring (we鈥檒l cover what this is in a second). It鈥檚 mostly marketed as a type of fake wood flooring, but it comes in stone and ceramic looks as a substitute for those types of tile, too. Stainmaster luxury vinyl is also marketed as pet-resistant and waterproof鈥攃laims we鈥檒l investigate below.

  • Can you put grout in between vinyl plank flooring?

  • That鈥檚 one reason vinyl floors are so popular for kitchens: They鈥檙e more forgiving. But vinyl flooring doesn鈥檛 look like tile. But now you can buy a peel-and-stick vinyl tile product that you can put grout in between in order to make it look like real tile, without the expense.

  • How long does Stainmaster luxury vinyl flooring take to work?

  • Some Stainmaster luxury vinyl reviews say the floor began lifting after only two months. It goes without saying that you shouldn鈥檛 have to consider your floor鈥檚 comfort while you鈥檙e on vacation.

  • Does Stainmaster carry Ebony flooring?

  • Common styles like ash flooring are available, but if you want the look of something unique like ebony flooring, Stainmaster doesn鈥檛 carry it. This also extends to less common wood floor patterns (like mixed-width planks). How Do You Install Stainmaster Luxury Vinyl?

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