how to install luxury vinyl plank on concrete

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To install vinyl plank flooring on concrete, you need toclean and sand the concrete. Then you should remove all baseboards and trims on the floor to create acclimation gaps for the vinyl planks. Cracks and dents in the concrete should be filled with concrete paste and allowed to dry.

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  • How to install luxury vinyl flooring on concrete?

  • How to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring on Concrete 1 Step 1: Prepare your surface#N#Prepare your concrete floor. Make sure it is clean and dry, and then lay out your… 2 Step 2: Lay your flooring More …

  • Can vinyl plank flooring be installed on concrete?

  • Vinyl plank installation on concrete makes the floor warm and comfortable. As much as this flooring material may seem to be a perfect flooring, it would be prudent to consider vinyl plank flooring pros and cons. Vinyl plank is designed to connect through click and lock and glue down techniques.

  • How do you install vinyl plank flooring with baseboards?

  • After the concrete base is ready, lock the vinyl planks together to install your new floor. Remove the baseboards if your walls have them. Use a sharp utility knife to cut through any paint holding the baseboards to the walls.

  • Does click lock vinyl plank flooring need underlayment?

  • The underlayment may affect the locking mechanism, so ideally click lock vinyl plank flooring should be installed directly onto the subfloor. The name speaks for itself.

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