how to spell luxurious

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  • Is it luxurious or luxourious?

  • Luxurious or luxurious? luxurious. Correct spelling. luxourious. Incorrect spelling. luxurius.

  • What is the meaning of luxury?

  • given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous. present or occurring in great abundance, rich profusion, etc.; opulent: a luxurious harvest; music of luxurious beauty. excessively ornate; overelaborate: luxurious prose. 1 rich, sumptuous. 2 epicurean. 3 sensual, self-indulgent. 1 squalid. QUIZ YOURSELF ON AFFECT VS. EFFECT!

  • What is the meaning of luxuriate?

  • luxuriate 鈥?greatly enjoy oneself; revel: to luxuriate in wealth; thrive: The roses luxuriate in the sunny garden. 1. Marked by luxury or a fondness for luxury: luxurious taste. 2. Providing great pleasure or comfort, especially at great cost: luxurious bedsheets that were made of silk. See Synonyms at sensuous. luxu鈥瞨iousness n.

  • What is a synonym for luxurious?

  • Synonyms for luxurious. decadent, hedonistic, indulgent, overindulgent, self-indulgent, sybaritic.

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