how to take a luxurious bath

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Replace the bathroom light bulb or lamp with a black bulb (or bring a lamp into the bathroom to use the black bulb). Fill the bathtub with water, adding the bottle of tonic water as you fill. The water will glow a brilliant neon blue! How do you make a luxurybath? How to TakeaLuxuriousBath1) Test the waters.

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  • How can I personalize my bath experience?

  • Personalize your bathing experience by adding fun bubbles or bath bombs; essential oils for aromatherapy and to keep skin moisturized; or things like Epsom salts, honey, or oatmeal to soothe or heal skin and muscles. Add oils or other extras when the tub is halfway full to ensure they disperse evenly throughout the water.

  • How can I make my bathtub more relaxing?

  • Bright bathroom lights tell your body its go-time, not bath time. Instead, light a few candles and place them around the room and on the edge of the tub. Visualization is also a great tool to enhance relaxation in the bath. Complimented by soothing music, visualization exercises can transport you to your own private Nirvana.

  • How to take a spa bath at home?

  • You can also roll up a hand towel to put under your neck to make your bath feel a bit more luxurious. Apply a Face Mask While You Bathe This is going all out, but for the ultimate spa experience at home, apply a face mask while you soak. Let it sit for 10 minutes on your face and then wash it off with a warm washcloth in the tub.

  • How to take care of your bath properly?

  • A cold glass of water is a must, regardless of bath length, as this will help the body to rehydrate. A side table or bath tray is helpful to hold all of your bath accouterments.

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