how to use celeb luxury viral colorwash

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  • What colors does colorwash take the longest to remove?

  • The extreme colors (Yellow, Teal, Blue, Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Coral, Green, Magenta) will take longer to washout and may need a liquid lightener to fully remove. Can I use Colorwash or Colorditioner if I am pregnant?

  • Does colorwash or colorditioner wash out?

  • Colorwash and Colorditioner will gradually washout from the hair with subsequent washes using a clarifying shampoo. The durability of the product on the hair is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair and the intensity of the shade. Lighter colors tend to washout faster.

  • Does Colowash or colorditioner work on natural highlights?

  • Colowash Colorditioner work on porosity. If there is some porosity present in the hair you will see some deposit of tone in natural highlights. Will Colorwash or Colorditioner cover gray hair? Colorwash Colorditioner will not cover gray, however Gem Lites Colorwash has the shade Brown Tahitian Pearl that will give you gray blending.

  • What are the best shades of colorwash & colorditioner?

  • Gem Lites Colorwash Colorditioner has some special shades formulated specifically to eliminate unwanted warmth. For blonds, we recommend Flawless Diamond and Silvery Diamond. For brunettes, we recommend Brown Tahitian Pearl.

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