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  • Is Bally a luxury brand?

  • Swiss brand Bally was founded in 1851, now one of the oldest luxury brands still in existence. Brothers Carl Franz Bally and Fritz Bally launched the brand out of their family-run ribbon factory. Evolving from ribbons to shoes, Bally soon became a globally recognised brand.

  • Who is the creative director of Bally?

  • Born in Switzerland in 1851, Bally is one of the world’s longstanding luxury brands. Proud to be leather architects, our DNA as skilled shoemakers marries a heritage of craftsmanship with a decidedly contemporary aesthetic. In January 2022, Bally welcomed Rhuigi Villaseor as Creative Director.

  • What makes Bally so special?

  • Bally has partnered with the top creative talent globally. One notable example is commissioning French illustrator, Bernard Villemot, to create globally-renowned advertising posters. What鈥檚 more, Bally has over 500k followers on Instagram that support their unique, luxury designs.

  • Are Bally Shoes made in Switzerland?

  • Even our most iconic shoes, like the men’s formal Scribe, created by Carl Franz Bally’s grandson Max Bally in celebration of the brand’s 100-year anniversary in 1951, are still handmade in Switzerland, taking 240 artisanal techniques to complete. Bally dares to be different, always designing with longevity in mind.

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