is elisabetta franchi a luxury brand

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  • Who is Elisabetta Franchi?

  • Creator of a feminine, witty, elegant and glamorous style, Elisabetta Franchi won over women鈥檚 hearts positioning her business within the realm of accessible luxury owing to great quality and attention for details.

  • What makes Elisabetta Franchi鈥檚 eco-sustainable architecture so special?

  • the principles of eco-sustainable architecture, the restoration works brought back the building to its former glory, thus feeding into Elisabetta Franchi鈥檚 love for architecture and design, a passion she always cultivated alongside fashion.

  • What is the Fondazione Elisabetta Franchi Onlus?

  • All such activities, alongside the many animal-related initiatives, have been incorporated in the Fondazione Elisabetta Franchi Onlus, the non-profit organization set up by the designer in 2019 with the aim of continuing and championing them.

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