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  • Is Fiorucci a supermodel brand?

  • Here, we break down everything you need to know about the supermodel-approved label. Fiorucci was initially launched in Milan back in 1967 by Elio Fiorucci, the son of a shoe shop owner who felt inspired when returning home from a trip to London’s Carnaby Street.

  • What is Fiorucci at Neiman Marcus?

  • Only 2 Left! Fiorucci at Neiman Marcus is a fun offering of womens contemporary clothing that blurs the line between luxury and street style.

  • Who is Elio Fiorucci?

  • Elio Fiorucci opened his first store in Milan in 1967, and his eclectic and fun fashion was nothing like others had seen before 鈥?standing alongside disco and pop art to become one of the fundamental cultural touchstones of the time.

  • Do young people really not remember Fiorucci?

  • What has been really interesting is that although young people do not necessarily remember the name Fiorucci, they do recognise some of the iconic logos and graphics. What has also been a huge generation change is that young customers today admire and seek out brands that their parents loved and wore.

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