is ford expedition a luxury car

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  • Is the Ford Expedition a good large SUV?

  • Yes, the Ford Expedition is a very good large SUV, and its performance score is among the best in the class. This Ford鈥檚 twin-turbo V6 engine has ample muscle and more than holds its own against rivals鈥?V8 engines.

  • When did the Ford Expedition come out?

  • From a concept car rooted in the 1980s to a full-size SUV which is still a big seller for Ford today. The Ford Expedition, which was launched in 1996, may not be marketed as a luxury vehicle, but its smooth handling and tough suspension make for a comfortable ride 鈥?and can soon be transformed with the addition of just a few extras features.

  • What kind of engine does the Ford Expedition have?

  • Offered in both standard and long-wheelbase Max body styles, the Expedition offers three spacious rows of seating, plenty of room for cargo, and up to a 9300-pound towing capacity (when properly equipped). Under the hood is a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 that drives either the rear or all four wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission.

  • What’s new on the Ford Expedition for 2020?

  • What’s New for 2020? Ford has added the King Ranch trim to the Expedition for 2020, which comes loaded with luxury items such as power-retractable running boards, 22-inch wheels, premium Del Rio leather upholstery, and real wood trim.

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