is furla a luxury brand

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  • Is Furla鈥檚 financial stand strong?

  • Furla鈥檚 financial stand is strong and has had a solid growth curve over the past 3 years. Total revenue has increased by 6.61% in the last year, whereas net sales have increased by 4.62%. When taking into account those figures, they demonstrate the appeal of Furla and the potential forecast of high market share for the coming years.

  • Where is Furla鈥檚 biggest market share in Asia?

  • In China, for instance, this type of opportunity stands strong especially with the Chinese government鈥檚 curbs on extravagant spending, which gives accessible luxury a space to obtain a larger market share. Japan, on the other hand, is Furla鈥檚 biggest market after Italy, accounting for 23% of the total sales.

  • Who are Furla’s competitors?

  • Let’s take a look at Furla’s closest competitor – Michael Kors. As for Michael Kors, for instance, there is a substantial peak in response on December 1 st on a Tweet which is not related to a product nor a campaign, it rather relates to the Michael Kors woman, 鈥?#ToTheMan who prefers talking over texting 鈥?

  • Who are Furla鈥檚 Top Influencers?

  • Among Furla鈥檚 top influencers on Twitter, are @3dprgirls and @GalaGonzalez with 616,877 and 79,300 followers, respectively. Furla鈥檚 campaigns stretch out on a relatively larger span rather than being short intensive marketing campaigns.

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