is infiniti a luxury vehicle

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  • Is Infiniti a luxury brand?

  • The Infiniti brand is the luxury arm of the Japanese automaker, Nissan. Many of the cars are closely related, but Infiniti tends to come with more luxuries included. Are Infinitis good cars and can they be considered reliable?

  • Are Infiniti cars good cars?

  • Overall, Infiniti cars can be regarded as a 鈥済ood car鈥? with better than average reliability compared to other similar sophisticated vehicles of luxurious build and design. The advanced, complex technology and features in an Infiniti vehicle can naturally lead to more risk of breakdown and higher repair costs.

  • Is the Infiniti Q70 a full size luxury car?

  • Infiniti doesn’t offer a solid option to take on the full-size luxury car segment. The Q70 is there but there is a difference between living and existing right? Speaking of the Q70, it is a car that isn’t exactly sure if it wants to be a full-sized car or a saloon. And it frankly fails at both. It’s a cumbersome car in every way.

  • Is Infiniti similar to Nissan?

  • At first glance, the Infiniti and Nissan model lineups look so much alike. Is Infiniti a luxury car? That鈥檚 the question plenty of people ask when looking at the brand when comparing it to the Nissan lineup.

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