is jeep considered luxury

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  • Is Jeep the brand that started the SUV trend?

  • But while consumer demand for SUVs, luxury or otherwise, continues to grow, it is worthwhile to look at the brand that got the trend started 鈥?Jeep. Jeep offered authentic sport utility vehicles before anyone heard the term SUV. To understand the SUVs rise in popularity, you need to understand what originally drove customers to the Jeep brand.

  • Would you buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a wrangler?

  • These consumers are likely to have children, and will look to Jeep Grand Cherokee model to do the hauling. On the other hand, they might buy a Wrangler as their teenager鈥檚 car. 鈥淭ypically Achievers see money as defining success. So they might own a luxury car and a Jeep as well, because Jeep isn鈥檛 necessarily a 鈥榩restige鈥?brand.

  • Is Chrysler a luxury brand or a mainstream brand?

  • Way back in May, Chrysler CEO Al Gardner told media members who had gathered to learn about Fiat Chrysler鈥檚 (FCA) upcoming product plans that Chrysler should no longer be considered a luxury brand or premium brand, but rather, a mainstream brand. Well, I have a slight bone to pick with that approach.

  • What is the most expensive jeep in the world?

  • The best-selling Jeeps lately are also the most expensive Jeeps in the lineup, the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. And the Grand Cherokee鈥檚 broad range of models perfectly illustrates Jeep鈥檚 way of straddling the mainstream and luxury markets.

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