is kate spade considered luxury

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  • Is Kate Spade a luxury brand?

  • As a brand that prides itself in offering some of the most stylish and boldest designs of bags and several other accessories, Kate Spade is one of the bigger fashion brands that is not just enviable but also considered a good trendy brand if you are into designer brands or fashion. But is Kate Spade considered a luxury brand?

  • Is Kate Spade better than coach?

  • Kate Spade is well-known for the more classic designs for their bags and accessories, but Coach is a better brand than Kate Spade, thanks to the fact that the quality of bags by Coach exceeds what you get from Kate Spade. Why is Kate Spade so cheap now?

  • Why do women love Kate Spade bags?

  • Kate Spade bags are a luxury: Women love designer bags. The range of Kate Spade bags belong to the same category and this is one reason why women love them. And when you say that women love them, that certainly means that they are good and worthy of being picked.

  • What happened to Kate Spade?

  • And in July 2017, Tapestry Inc. purchased the Kate Spade Company brand for a whopping $2.4bilIion. Unfortunately, Kate Spade died by suicide in June 2018 in her Manhattan apartment. To pay their respects, the Kate Spade Company made an announcement in which they pledged to donate $1 million towards mental health awareness.

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