is life of luxury fake

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  • Is life of luxury’s Strange Encounters series on YouTube fake?

  • Since they uploaded the Strange Encounters series on Life of Luxury, Parker and Chester have been accused of uploading fake content on the channel, specifically the Strange Encounters series, which show investigations of unnatural paranormal activity in people’s homes. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

  • What is the life of luxury wiki?

  • This wiki serves as a database for Life of Luxury and its related channels. Feel free to edit and add anything not on the wiki yet. Parker Chester are the protagonists and hosts of the channels.

  • What happened to luxurypranks?

  • His popularity grew bigger by predator catching videos . On December 29, 2018, Parker and his cameraman Chester announced on there second channel Life Of Luxury that LuxuryPranks was at risk of getting taken down, so they uploaded the videos on Life of Luxury first.

  • Is life of luxury a real monster?

  • Life of luxury is real monsters actually because NOT A ANIMATION MONSTERS you know why? Look a Candace鈥檚 back. It鈥檚 real. Totally not, anything can happen with photoshop u know. they could be people in a costume or photoshop

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