is luxury makeup worth it

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Luxury makeup, like luxury skincare, seems like a beast, but if you know what to look for,it鈥檚 very much worth the splurge. Once you add a Chanel lipstick or a Georgio Armani foundation to your lineup, you鈥檒l understand why sometimes, luxury makeup is really worth the sticker shock.

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  • Are these 18 luxury makeup brands worth the splurge?

  • Ahead are 18 luxury makeup brands that are worth the splurge no matter what products you choose. Go on and treat yourself鈥攜ou deserve it. 1. Chanel Beauty It all started with the best-selling perfume, Chanel No. 5, in 1921, and since then, Chanel has become one of the world鈥檚 most iconic beauty brands.

  • Is it worth it to spend money on makeup?

  • In my opinion, if you are going to spend money on makeup and beauty products, it should be on face makeup. For example, a more expensive foundation will often look and feel much better on your skin.

  • Are more expensive beauty products really better?

  • With more expensive products come better ingredients, more-sophisticated technology, and more research鈥攔ight? According to de Lemos, that鈥檚 not always the case.

  • Is high-end makeup worth it?

  • As any makeup lover knows, beauty products can get expensive. Replace just three pieces and before you know it, you can easily be spending $100 or even more! I will be the first to admit that high-end designer makeup is awesome. It has a better formula, usually lasts longer, and often comes in prettier packaging.

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