is luxury vinyl flooring good

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Extremely durable

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  • Is luxury vinyl plank flooring right for You?

  • A big pro to using luxury vinyl is you can float the floor, and it鈥檚 a relatively simple do-it-yourself job. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has the look of real hardwood, but not necessarily the same feel. Hardwood purists will be able to tell the difference between a vinyl plank floor and solid hardwood floor.

  • What is the difference between luxury vinyl and laminate?

  • Most plank forms of luxury vinyl seek to mimic hardwood flooring, and they do this quite effectively. At a casual glance, vinyl planks can look quite similar to natural wood鈥攊t can be a better illusion than what is offered by laminate flooring. Tile forms of luxury vinyl generally seek to mimic ceramics or natural stone鈥攁gain, quite effectively.

  • Does luxury vinyl flooring scratch easily?

  • While luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly durable, it鈥檚 not completely impervious to damage. It can scratch or scuff, especially with heavy objects such as appliances. On the positive side, luxury vinyl flooring is more scratch-resistant than hardwood, and, with LVP, you can replace pieces if they get scratched.

  • What is luxury vinyl tile (LVT)?

  • One of the most popular types of luxury vinyl flooring is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Luxury Vinyl Tile has a wide range of design options and can replicate the look of natural stone or wood flooring, without the extensive installation or maintenance costs associated with either.

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