is moschino a luxury brand

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Middle-level luxury brand

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  • Who owns the Moschino brand?

  • Moschino鈥檚 labels are owned by the Moschino SpA Company that鈥檚 responsible for the brands鈥?activities and communication.

  • What’s the difference between Moschino and Love Moschino?

  • WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MOSCHINO AND LOVE MOSCHINO? While both brands come from the same house label, the two are not the same. The two brands both speak of independent, bold designs that are characteristic of the mother brand Moschino. However, the similarity stops there.

  • What is Moschino logo design?

  • Moschino logo design is simple, pure bold letters with full name of brand, a color is changing depending of needs- gold, black, red- and there鈥檚 often a heart that appears on perfume pack, bags shape design or clothes print.

  • Why is Moschino so popular?

  • Moschino was actually the first brand that created fun and vibrancy with adidas apparel by adding wings on the side of sneakers, crazy colors, teddy bears and flowers. 鈥淢oschino over the years have defined themselves as a magnet for bold girls to make a statement.

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