is seiko a luxury watch brand

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  • What is the history of Seiko watches?

  • The rich history of Seiko watches began in 1881 when a 21-year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a small watch shop in Tokyo. For the first 11 years, he was just reselling and repairing watches.

  • Are Seiko watches any good?

  • That鈥檚 not the case with Seiko. On top of the rich, innovation-packed history, the Japanese company is still one of the industry leaders these days and continues to come up with new solutions frequently looked up to by the competitors. Not being a millionaire myself (yet!), one thing I really appreciate about Seiko watches is their affordability.

  • Is Grand Seiko a luxury brand?

  • Grand Seiko is the sole collection that we can refer to as a truly separate brand. It鈥檚 also the only one that we can objectively describe as a luxury line that can compete with the best names in the industry. It鈥檚 only natural, then, that Grand Seiko timepieces are by far the most expensive in the brand鈥檚 lineup.

  • What are the best Japanese watch brands?

  • Seiko is also the first Japanese brand on our list. Established in 1881 in Tokyo, the company creates watches for both men and women, but is best known as a producer of dive watches, delivering some of the best diving timepieces available today.

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