is skechers a luxury brand

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  • Is Skechers a good shoe brand?

  • In United States, Skechers is leading as the second most shoe brand making athletic footwear that is mostly referred to every men, women and kids.

  • Is Skechers making a play for the basketball market?

  • As it stands, the legal imbroglio continues to drag on through the courts, and Skechers鈥?latest move shows the brand making a play for the basketball market-where it lacks a presence and Nike has a foothold.

  • Why is Skechers suing Adidas?

  • In an unusual spin last year, Skechers filed its own suit against Adidas for false advertising and unfair competition in connection with a bribery scandal that surfaced in 2017 involving one Adidas executive, a brand consultant and several college basketball coaches.

  • What is the Skechers vs Nike battle all about?

  • While the Skechers versus Nike battle is just now making big waves on the consumer front, for years, the shoe brands have been sparring behind the scenes in U.S. courts over claims of trademark infringement on the part of Skechers. Skechers Instagram ad takes shot at Nike Zion Incident.

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