is the tesla model 3 a luxury car

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  • Is the Tesla Model 3 America鈥檚 best-selling luxury car?

  • It鈥檚 complicated Some say the Model 3 is the best-selling luxury car in America. But what does that actually mean? In January 2019, it was breathlessly reported by the motoring and technology press that the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling luxury car in America in 2018.

  • How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost?

  • The truth is the Model 3 costs $40,000 if you want a standard version with autopilot (an extra $5,000) in black with no other options. If you want a different color, add $1,000.

  • What does the Tesla Model 3 feel like to ride?

  • Rear-seat passengers climbing into the Model 3 will not feel like they are in for a luxurious experience. The ride is smooth and the car, being electric, is of course quiet (more obvious road and wind noise notwithstanding).

  • Is owning a Tesla a luxury?

  • These are luxuries no driver of an internal combustion BMW has experienced before, and they certainly do add up. Owning and driving a Tesla is remarkably simple and stress-free 鈥?something which feels like a luxury if you’re not used to it.

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