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  • Who is Tory Burch?

  • Founded in New York City in 2004, Tory Burch has redefined American luxury with a global point of view. The company鈥檚 purpose is to empower women and women entrepreneurs. Giving back and supporting other women was part of the plan when Tory started the company.

  • When did Tory Burch write her first book?

  • In 2014, Tory wrote her first book, Tory Burch In Color, a New York Times bestseller, in which she shares the people, places and things that have inspired her. When Tory launched the brand, she created a logo that was meant to be a graphic design element.

  • Is Givenchy a low-end luxury brand?

  • This is a low-end luxury brand, so it鈥檚 normal for the prices to be on the high side. Even with that, the prices aren鈥檛 comparable to true luxury brands like Givenchy, so you鈥檙e still paying a fraction of the cost to get a product that鈥檚 close to what you get from high-end luxury brands.

  • What inspired Tory to travel?

  • Tory鈥檚 parents Buddy and Reva took trips every summer to Greece, Italy, Morocco and beyond, sparking in Tory a lifelong curiosity for seeing the world and learning about other cultures. Destination anywhere 鈥?travel and discovery are integral to the collection and brand.

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