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  • Is Tory Burch worth the money?

  • The brand is known for high-quality and durable leather that lasts a long time and is worth your money. Tory Burch鈥檚 main competitors include Christopher Banks, Michael Kors, J. Crew, and Capri. What brand is better, Tory Burch or Kate spade?

  • Is Tory Burch better than Kate Spade?

  • Tory Burch offers trendier, Boho-inspired, bold-colored, and uniquely styled pieces, unlike Kate Spade that offers more of the classic designs. Generally, Tory Burch is a better brand than Kate Spade.

  • When did Tory Burch write her first book?

  • In 2014, Tory wrote her first book, Tory Burch In Color, a New York Times bestseller, in which she shares the people, places and things that have inspired her. When Tory launched the brand, she created a logo that was meant to be a graphic design element.

  • When did Tory Burch launch her first fragrance?

  • In 2011 Tory Burch made her debut on the runway and is now an annual staple at New York Fashion Week. Then in the Fall of 2013, Tory Burch, in collaboration with Estee Lauder, launched her very first fragrance, as well as the beauty capsule collection.

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