is toyota crown a luxury car

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  • What kind of car is Toyota Crown?

  • Toyota Crown is an executive and full luxury Japanese car aimed for the Japanese market but also sold in other Asian markets. The Crown has been popular for government official usage, whether for transporting government officials or as a police car.

  • Why choose Toyota Crown Royal Saloon over Land Cruiser?

  • Similar to the new Toyota Land Cruiser, this model is equipped with maximum safety features for both driver and the passengers onboard. If you are looking for super luxury car for your status in the society, and you are also concern on highest safety and beauty of car at the same time, then Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is for you.

  • Why is the Toyota Crown so popular in Japan?

  • Since the Crown has been part of Toyota鈥檚 history, and in turn Japan鈥檚 history, for generations, it has been perceived as a symbol of all nice things. It鈥檚 the sort of car people aspire to own.

  • When did the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon come out?

  • First introduced in the year 1955, Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is a super luxury sedan available in Japan and other countries of the world. This model serves as transporting high level government officials in Japan.

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