is versace collection a luxury brand

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  • Is Versace a good watch brand?

  • Because Versace is first and foremost a fashion brand, it鈥檚 only natural that these watches present a style that matches the adventurous design of clothes. Most of the timepieces are created by the brand鈥檚 top designers in Italy, although some models are personally designed by Donatella.

  • How many Versace boutiques are there?

  • The Versace Group distributes its products through a world-wide D.O.S network which includes over 200 boutiques in the principal cities and over 1500 wholesalers worldwide. Donatella Versace has been Artistic Director of Versace since 1997 and has steered the brand into the 21st century.

  • When did Gianni Versace start the Versace brand?

  • While the Versace brand started in 1978, Gianni did not release a logo for the company until 1980, at the time only featuring the name Gianni Versace. During this time, the brand (then named Gianni Versace) released their first full collection, Haute Couture, in 1989.

  • What is Versace Palazzo Versace?

  • In 2000 Gianni Versace S.r.l opened Palazzo Versace, the first hotel project to be branded by a luxury goods company, which provides tourists and travellers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the complete Versace lifestyle. The second Palazzo Versace built in Dubai opened in 2015.

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