is versace collection a luxury brand

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  • Is Versace a good brand?

  • Versace have about 80+ exclusive boutiques worldwide as well as their main headquarters in Milan, Italy 3. Very well established brand image and recognized globally 4. Offers a wide range of high quality and original luxury goods 5. Versace brands are worn and endorsed by all celebrities who enjoy looking sophisticated 6.

  • How did Gianni Versace start his brand?

  • The History of Versace In the 1970s, Gianni Versace was an up-and-coming fashion designer living in and working out of Milan. By 1972, he had designed his first collection for Callaghan, Genny, and Complice. This collection received high praise in the fashion world, but Gianni still had dreams about starting his own fashion brand.

  • What is the Versace logo?

  • While it is the design of Versace products that set them apart, it鈥檚 the Versace logo that comes with every piece of clothing or other product that Versace produces that lets people know where that design came from.

  • How many employees does Versace have?

  • They have about 500 employees containing an expert team of designers and stylists 7. Product portfolio also includes perfumes, watches and even mobile phones 8. Since its inception in 1978, Versace has maintained a classy and strong legacy 1. Fake imitations or replicas affects brand image of Versace

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