is volvo considered luxury

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  • Is Volvo a luxury car maker?

  • The answer is, yes, Volvo is a luxury car maker. New Volvo Inventory New Vehicle Specials Volvo Beginnings When Volvo first started out, more than 90 years ago, the vehicles produced by this Swedish brand were safe, well-constructed, practical vehicles made for transportation but not so much for show.

  • What was Volvo’s first luxury car?

  • The automaker’s first luxury vehicle, the PV 654, came out in 1933. It offered an upgraded interior and it was powered by a 3.67L six-cylinder engine that delivered 80 to 84 hp. Becoming the Luxury Car Brand of Today Over the years, the automaker has transitioned between making Volvo luxury car models and more practical models.

  • Is Volvo a good car brand?

  • Volvo is one of the most ambitious car manufacturers, with its focus centering on safety. Their intention is to eliminate death and serious injuries caused by their vehicles by 2020. The company has also announced plans for 50% of its sales to be for fully-electric vehicles by 2025.

  • What makes a luxury car luxurious?

  • Shoppers looking for luxury cars expect vehicles that are a cut above mainstream brands, with features, finishes, and performance that are top-notch. Of course, not every luxury brand is the same. Some excel with consistently exceptional vehicles that are well-equipped, safe, and reliable.

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