what is a luxury sedan

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Five-door car

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  • What are the most reliable luxury sedans on the market today?

  • There are many reliable luxury sedans available on the market today. These are our top picks. BMW is regularly found among the top contenders for luxury and dependability, and the 2019 BMW 5-Series is no different. It鈥檚 ranked #1 in luxury midsize cars, as well as one of the best 2019 cars for families.

  • Why buy a full-size luxury sedan?

  • If you want to be transported comfortably and effortlessly to your destination, drive one of the best full-size luxury sedans 鈥?or better yet, have someone else drive one for you. The flagship luxury sedan is still the universal symbol of wealth and power, and the options available today are better than ever.

  • Is the Lexus LS still a luxury car?

  • 2022 Lexus LS The LS sedan was once an unexpected entry from an upstart brand. But that was more than 30 years ago, and Lexus is now a fixture of the American luxury market. As such, the expectations for its flagship luxury sedan are perhaps a little higher.

  • What are the best luxury car brands to buy?

  • Alfa Romeo is another one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to true automotive luxury. The Giulia is also a reliable sedan, providing an estimated 24 mpg/city and 33 mpg/highway and an agile drive. This car comes with an affordable price tag, starting at $38,295 MSRP, making it a good value for luxury drivers.

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