what is a luxury travel nomad

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The lifestyle that sets you free

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  • What is the nomadic lifestyle?

  • The so-called nomadic lifestyle has been on the rise in recent years. Millennials represent a generation which loves experiences. They don’t want to conform to the norm. They love to travel, to go beyond the daily routine and seek new meaning.

  • What does it mean to become a nomad?

  • While becoming a nomad is a simple as quitting your 9-5 and establishing a new career online, there are many things about this modern nomad living that many don’t tell you. We want to have an honest conversation with you and tell you everything about this lifestyle so you are fully prepared. What exactly is a nomadic lifestyle? Where will you go?

  • Why digital nomad lifestyle?

  • And so, we began our nomadic lifestyle. We’ve been digital nomads for 7 years now. We enjoy our lifestyle a lot, especially because we lived in so many countries all around the world. We experienced so much, learnt new languages, understood new cultures and generally had the opportunity to widen our horizons.

  • What is the luxury of a custom tour?

  • The luxury of a custom tour allows one to choose to spend more or less time at a particular site and to end the day when they so please. Add to that the undivided attention of ones private guide. 鈥淟uxury鈥?travel should also include private passage, such as visiting select rooms within the Forbidden City in Beijing,…

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