what is acura the luxury brand of

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  • Who makes Acura cars?

  • Introduced in 1986, Acura is the luxury division of Honda. Therefore, Honda owns the brand and manufactures its vehicles. Acura is the first Japanese luxury brand and was an immediate success when it was introduced.

  • Is Acura a good car brand?

  • Acura became the first Japanese luxury car brand when it debuted in 1986, beating Lexus and Infiniti to the punch. As Honda鈥檚 luxury marque, it is one of the most trusted car brands and a household name.

  • Is the Acura TL a luxury car?

  • The Acura TL is a luxury car designed and manufactured by Acura, a marque of Honda. It was launched in 1995 and has become a bestseller of the Acura marque. Four generations of the Acura TL were launched before the line ended.

  • Why is the Acura Legend so popular in Japan?

  • The Acura Legend, first released last 185, proved that Japanese cars can match up even against the best luxury automobile lines. The Acura Legend鈥檚 success also inspired other Japanese car brands to create their own luxury vehicle collections, a win for both Japan and the global motoring scene!

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