what is honda’s luxury line

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  • Is Honda a luxury car brand?

  • As we mentioned above, Honda鈥檚 luxury brand is Acura. However, we鈥檙e going to focus solely on the Honda lineup to give drivers a better idea of which models include the Touring trim. Below is a list of the newest Honda vehicles that offer a Touring trim:

  • Is Acura a luxury car brand?

  • Depending on how familiar you are with the automotive world, you may not have known that Acura is Honda鈥檚 luxury brand. Acura offers a significantly smaller lineup than Honda featuring three sedans, two SUVs, and one supercar. If you鈥檙e more interested in sticking with a traditional Honda vehicle, you鈥檙e not completely out of luck.

  • What makes a car a luxury vehicle?

  • In order to clear up any confusion, there are multiple definitions of what makes a vehicle 鈥榣uxury鈥? First of all, there are specific luxury brands, such as Acura, that offer an entire lineup of luxury-based vehicles. However, most mainstream brands will feature special trims that meet most drivers鈥?expectations of a luxury vehicle.

  • What is the number 1 luxury car brand in the world?

  • BMW is the number one luxury car brand in the world by popularity while Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable luxury car brand and number one in terms of vehicles sold in 2021. What are the top 10 luxury car brands?

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