what is luxury condoms

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  • Is this the world’s only luxury condom?

  • Naked describe their products as 鈥渢he world鈥檚 only luxury condom鈥?and boast a patented latex design as well as acute attention to detail. The foil wrappers, they claim, took over three years to develop and manufacture. Like HANX, they are sold in discreet boxes in a range of plain colours and pared-back logo-based design.

  • Why are naked condoms so expensive?

  • Since there is an ever-expanding market for luxury products, the makers of Naked condom, the world鈥檚 only luxury condoms have created a wide range of expensively luxurious products. Everything from the outer packaging to the wrapper inside is aesthetic.

  • What are the best lubricant condoms?

  • Premium pick: LELO HEX Original Luxury Condoms 9.59 /10 2. Editors choice: Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms 9.99 /10 3. Best value: Durex Extra Sensitive Extra Lubricated Condoms 8.00 /10 4. LifeStyles SKYN Original Condoms 8.79 /10 5. Trojan ENZ Armor Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms 7.99 /10 6. Trojan Extended Climax Control Condoms 8.99 /10 7.

  • Are latex condoms the best choice for You?

  • While that makes it the perfect material for a condom, there are many who suffer from latex allergies which prevent them from using the material. Latex is also not ideal when used in combination with oil-based lubricants. Still, if you are not allergic to latex condoms, they tend to be one of your best options.

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